kag commands

a roblox discord bot.

Commands Description Usage
steal Steals a shirt / pant / t-shirt template >steal [asset id / url]
disc2rbx Checks for rover / bloxlink verification >disc2rbx [discord id / mention]
lookup Get user info from username >lookup [username]
idlookup gets user info from userid >idlookup [userid]
game Get game info from gameid >game [gameid]
g Get group info from group name / id >g [group name / id]
i Get asset info from limited name / asset id >i [limited name / asset id]
url Gets roblox url from username >url [username]
rolimons Gets rolimons url from username >rolimons [username]
btc Gets current bitcoin price >btc
eth, bnb, etc.                Gets current cryptocurrency price Use >suggest if you want your crypto added.
s (stock) Gets stock price >s tsla
coins Lists supported cryptos >coins
addy Shows BTC/ETH address info >addy [address]
convert Converts currencies >convert [amount] [currency1] [currency2]
hasitem Checks if user has an asset (bypasses private inventory)           >hasitem [assetid] [username]
verified Checks if user has the verified hat >verified [username]
pages Checks how many pages of hats a user has >pages [username]
lastonline Shows lastonline info >lastonline [username]
outfits Shows a users outfits >outfits [username]
outfit Displays the outfit >outfit [outfit id]
taken Checks if username is taken >taken [username]
usernames Shows past usernames >usernames [username]
help Gives you help. >help
invite Invite the bot to your own server >invite
stats Gets bot stats >stats
donate donate c: >donate
vote Vote our bot on top.gg >vote
suggest Send us a suggestion >suggest [suggestion]
ping Checks ping >ping

Thanks Geoff Yuen for the table.

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kag | 2021 | 29#9696 | idiocrasy#0001